Z Curations is an independent multi-brand fashion retailer founded in 2019 by two Zeyneps and has been hosting pop up stores and offering brands the opportunity to experiment in store sales across the best spots of London. They aim to support brands and especially young designers from around the world  to step into the UK market.

Having fallen in love with the quest for the novel, they eschew the ordinary. Uniqueness exhilarates them. They believe in the story of objects and the spirit of space. That's why, they create spaces that best narrate the stories and reflect the souls of the unique pieces they are committed to showcase. 

Zeyneps of Z Curation

Z Curations will be present in Marylebone until 24th of December having various independent brands in The Shop Marylebone.





JAN & NOVA is a new UK-based fashion brand founded by a passionate trio aspiring to add joy to women’s lives by providing high-quality feel-good clothing that does not cost the earth. The founders believe that fashion should help women look and feel great without compromising on accessibility and comfort.

Jan and Nova




Built on the founding principle that elegance is not solely defined by what you wear, Bocan and their collections introduce a style code that emulates a statement; an attitude wrapped up in a timelessly written fairytale for modern woman, who is strong, yet soft, and unapologetically feminine.





At TweedLaBel you will find one thing and one thing only…TWEED!... tweed, jackets, tweed suits and tweed dresses. Rather than spending valuable time trawling through sites just to find that one piece, only to find that it’s not quite the colour of style you really wanted, at TweedLaBel we curate tweed collections that mean there’s generally something for everyone’s style and taste.



Founder, Dosia Konn, is an interior architect who brings green building principles into fashion design. In 2018 she created the Secret Of 3 brand - a luxury loungewear label, which focuses on timeless pieces made from only natural materials. Her collection prioritizes classic and timeless design and her approach to slow fashion is to create pieces that will withstand the test of time. 

Secret Of 3 range comprises women pajamas, slip dresses, kimonos, sleeping masks and anything soft you might need in your bedroom.

secret of 3




Inspired by the symbols formed by ancient civilizations Luna Merdin produces high quality, silver jewellery. Their newest collection is Gobeklitepe.

The priests of hunter-shamans, flint miners and weapon-makers founded Gobeklitepe almost 12,000 years ago in the north of the Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia. Excavations in the area revealed important structures that were not known until today during the Neolithic revolution.

Gobeklitepe was the ground zero of human history.

Luna Merdin Photo


BP Studio by Belmin Plevneli


BP Studio is a collection of scarves, pareos and pocket squares founded by visual artist Belmin Pilevneli, which are produced limited on natural fabrics like silk and cotton. The aim of the brand is to make Pilevneli's art more accessible and wearable with the unique collages printed on the soft texture of silk and cotton. 

Each design is made to bring out a different emotion with various color combinations and visuals, while combining elements from different cultures. 

The production is designed in London and made ethically in Bursa, Turkey one of the main centers of the famous Silk Road.


belmin design scarf

Emre Tamer 


Emre created  “Mermaid of Atlantis” collection which is inspired by the magical underwater world. The Hand painted and CAD print designs are handwriting of the collection. Designer Emre Tamer organised a private fashion shoot in Canary Islands -Spain for his collection . The limited edition pieces are produced in England and Turkey.