What do we do?

As Z Curations, we provide retail spaces in London and a boutique portal for independent designers to connect with a broader audience.

Our offline creative spaces showcase brands from all over the world.

By hosting regular pop-up shops or being a part of them, we offer our brands a unique opportunity to experiment offline sales in multiple locations. Brands will be in the right place at the right time to promote their designs without incurring the risk that traditional retailers take.

 We give brands the freedom to go wherever their customers are and to generate more brand awareness.

As well as managing the store and all point of sales transactions, we do visual merchandising, organize events, and provide PR and promotion services to the fashion industry and B2C.

We work with both local and global brands to help them step into the UK market or increase their presence. We handle the paperwork and the customs process and get shipments without any hassle.

 We also allow and encourage brands to take place in different department stores.

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